The Chariot - Pay Careful Attention to This Man of Fire!

Looking for trouble? When this solemn warrior turns up in your Tаrоt reading, the chances are that, one way or another, you've found it! That's not to say he's all bad - just that he's all mean! And though he might possibly bring news of a significant victory for you, don't hold your breath waiting for his words...

Typically portrayed rod in hand at the helm of his vehicle, this stern taskmaster is less in control than he would have us believe. For his mighty beasts are minded to take off in opposite directions - and if they do, there'll be precious little he can do to stop them!

That's why this card signifies trouble more than anything else. Some other typical meanings include:

A sincere outlook
A domineering streak
Guard against getting over-committed
Plan ahead
In his obstinacy, he reminds us that true empowerment always depends on others. So being in charge is all very well, but it doesn't count for much if we can't rely on the loyalty of our colleagues. In fact, that's likely to create a situation where we might end up fearful of falling flat on our faces the whole time - a dreadful place to be, psychologically.

It's far too easy to find ourselves enslaved by our own success. If we're not careful, we can end up desperate to escape from our own skins - even while others look up to us admiringly!

As with every card in any Tаrоt reading, you always need to pay careful attention to where it appears in your spread. What precisely does it signify - and who or what does it refer to?

Whilst the seventh card in Tarot's Greater Arcana is a welcome influence in that it signifies victory, conquest and sincerity as well as trouble, it's usually a warning to achieve balance before venturing forward. So if it's referring to you, then are you in the right place regarding your work/life balance? And if not, what can you do about it? Remember, this is a vitally important issue, which you ignore at your peril!

In the developed world, this is probably one of the biggest family and relationship breakers out there. And having a road map - a coping strategy, together with a balanced perspective and open lines of communication with all the really important people in your life - is undoubtedly the best path to success!

In your Tаrоt reading, this is precisely what The Chariot is usually trying to tell you. So maybe, in his own way, he's not such a mean guy after all?