Does Your Relationship Need a Re-Boot?

When your computer starts acting funny or freezes up, the obvious thing to do is re-boot. This allows the system to start fresh and resolve whatever problems are plaguing it. Don't you wish it were that easy to fix relationships?

Alas, since we are not made of silicone chips, there is no magic button to press. But make no mistake-with a little hard work, a romantic re-boot can be achieved!

The signs that you and your partner need a re-boot should be fairly obvious. Beyond the moments of tension that come with any serious relationship, you have a lingering sense that things are not functioning the way they ought to be. Your life together has fallen into a predictable routine, lacking the creative surprises that make things colorful. On a psychic level, you feel like there is a digital hourglass between you (or a rainbow wheel, if you're a mac user), turning over and over as the relationship tries to resolve itself.

Clear the Decks

Have you promised your partner a weekend getaway and haven't delivered? Have the two of you talked about remodeling the kitchen, yet nobody has made a move? Unresolved agreements can stagnate the psychic energy between you, undermining the spirit of togetherness and forward growth. You may not even be consciously aware of it, but empty words linger in the subconscious mind. They take up space and energy, like too many files bogging down a hard drive. Talk to your partner about clearing the decks and fulfilling old promises. With any luck, you will both begin to feel inspired as new energy rushes in.

Send Meaningful Messages

After you've been together awhile, it's easy to start seeing each other as just another fixture of daily life. The reality is that your unique chemistry is a precious, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The best way to cherish it is to do little things on a constant basis. A little gift, a bouquet of flowers, or a home-cooked meal can go a long way. Massage your partner's shoulders without being asked. When it comes to text messages and emails, convey joy and excitement. Always be conscious of the messages you send. The vibe between you will rise up to a higher frequency.

Explore the Unexplored

Have you ever heard that the people who live longest tend to keep working, learning, and challenging themselves into old age? Well, the relationships that live longest are the same way! Remember the feeling of excitement when you first got together? It came from the two of you exploring the unknown together, charting new territory. Once the initial force of romance tapers down, it's essential to find new ground. Take a Tаrоt class, ride the highest roller-coaster, try out for a theatrical production-together. The important thing is that you ditch the well-trodden paths, grab a figurative machete and head for deep jungle. That's how you discover new strength within yourselves, both as individuals and as a couple.

Get Physical

The amazing thing about physical exercise-whether sweating it out at the gym or finding your inner balance with yoga-is the far-reaching benefits it provides. It's not just about burning calories, but creating flow and movement within yourself. Feeling better about your body creates more attraction between you and your partner. A good physical routine releases powerful pheromones and neurochemicals, refreshing your relationship on a deep psychic level. Get moving, encourage your partner to do the same, and feel the results! You'll be laughing and smiling together in no time. Remember-relationships are like two rivers meeting. When each of you flows individually, you flow more strongly together.

Get Spiritual

A stalled romance is often the result of two partners failing to meet each other on a spiritual level. The best relationships are rooted in a spiritual connection. When the two of you are talking about spiritual development, sharing your deepest emotions, and encouraging one another in your spiritual interests-whether it's astrology, shamanism, energy healing or any other branch of spirituality-then every other aspect of your connection (especially sex!) will truly take off.

A relationship re-boot can take some time and effort, but it's worth it to get things running smoothly again. Besides following these steps, you and your partner may benefit from a reading with one of our gifted psychics, to bring crystal clarity and get things moving in the right direction.

Happy re-booting!