Angel Card Readings

Angel cards are a specific type of mystical divination card similar to tаrоt cards. They can be used to answer questions about love, life and the universe as readers use decks of special cards to interpret spiritual messages from a supernatural realm.

It is possible to purchase your own deck of angel cards from mythic and new age stores. It is best to buy decks in person, because you should always check to see whether you feel a strong connection with a deck before using it. Angel cards come in a variety of designs, so choose the design that you feel most immediately drawn to. Although the shop may have a taster deck to look at, make sure that the package of your new set is sealed so you know that you are the first person to use them.

It is a good idea to store your cards in a bag with a quartz crystal as this will help to purify the cards and will keep your deck free from negative energy.

When you first get a set of cards, spend some time familiarising yourself with the meaning of each individual card. Many packs come with a special guidebook to help with your reading, but if the deck does not have a guide with it, there are plenty of internet sites that can explain the meanings of all your cards. Many websites also have forums where you can discuss your readings with other angel card readers. Although some of the meanings will seem confusing at first, as you spend more time learning about the angel cards, you will begin to find it much easier to recognise the meanings of each card.

To perform a reading, you should make sure you are in a relaxed environment: candles, soothing music or incense may help. Start by holding the cards (or giving them to the subject to hold) and concentrating very hard on the question which you want to ask the cards. Begin to slowly shuffle through the cards until your instincts tell you to stop. Then pick a card or cards at random. These are the cards which will provide answers to your questions.

You can also pay professionals to read your angel cards for you, if you wish. Find a good counsellor by looking online for readers with positive reviews or find well-respected local readers by asking in your local spiritualist or new age shop. Chances are that the staff will either give readings themselves or they will know of somebody in the area who is trained to give readings. Make sure your reader writes down the details of your reading so that you can refer to it at a later date.

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